Landscape Technician

Production · Okotoks, Alberta
Department Production
Employment Type Seasonal
Minimum Experience Experienced
Compensation $ 19 - $21 hourly

Job summary:      


At Kayben Landscaping, our vision is to be the most trusted landscaping contractor in the Okotoks area. Landscape maintenance crew leaders play a key role in fulfilling the company’s vision.  Their role is to oversee the landscape maintenance crew. The company’s reputation of high quality work and outstanding customer experiences depend on the skill and professionalism of the designers, the administrative staff, landscape managers, foremen/women, technicians and labourers.      


What you'd be responsible for in this role: (aka Deliverables)


  1. Producing a minimum of 40 effective field hours of work per week.
  2. Upholding the company’s 90% positive review ratings
  3. Following the company’s safety standards
  4. Develop your skills and the competence of other crew members.
  5. Winter work if available (snow removal)

 What your days will include:


  • Construction of patios, decks and fences and other hardscape structures
  • Operating skid steers, mini excavator and other self propelled equipment
  • Shoveling and hand raking of soil, gravel, mulch and sand
  • Preparing for and laying sod
  • Planting trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Digging and basketing trees if applicable
  • Participating in morning meetings with the crew to gain full understanding of projects and the daily and weekly goals.
  • Participating in morning meetings with the crew to discuss the jobsite hazards.
  • Continually improve your skills in operating frequently used tools and equipment
  • Participating in the care, cleaning & organizing of jobsites, equipment, tools and trucks


Working conditions


  • Extended periods of standing, and other physically demanding conditions
  • Hazards associated with conducting work outdoors
  • Lifting, moving, or manipulating heavy objects
  • Operation and use of necessary tools, machinery, or equipment
  • Regular exposure to conditions including heat, humidity, and dust
  • Repetitive work
  • Use of required personal protective equipment
  • Exposure to high noise levels
  • Exposure to hazards associated with the industry/trade


Minimum requirements


  • Minimum 2 years experience in landscape construction (hardscaping and softscaping)
  • Advanced skills in the use of common power tools
  • Ability to complete hardscaping and softscaping tasks without supervision
  • Ability to follow landscape drawings and job specifications
  • Experienced in driving a truck and trailer
  • Experienced in operating skid steers, mini excavator and other self propelled equipment
  • Ability to perform strenuous physical labour for long periods of time
  • Ability to work outdoors in wide variety of weather conditions
  • Available for a minimum of 8 months of fulltime work


ALL email correspondence comes from this email address:  Please add it to your contacts so you don't miss being invited to a pre-qualification phone call or in-person interview.

 What you should know about our values before applying  (whether things are good, or times are rough, this is how we roll)


  1. We’re relentlessly positive and hopeful - There will always be new challenges; but there IS an answer, and we WILL find it.
  2. We’re always improving – We’ll never stop learning, being creative and adapting. We fully commit to our own growth and to setting up other team members for growth.
  3. Honesty & Integrity – We stick to our word and our standards so our customers and co-workers can trust us. We bravely admitting our mistakes and address things that aren’t right or need to be addressed. We know how to apologize and how to accept an apology.
  4. Excellence – We relentlessly pursue excellence in every step of the customer experience. Excellence means we don't walk away from the job if there are still deficiencies.
  5. Effectiveness – We spend our time on the things that really matter is what makes us effective. There’s no sense in running hard in the wrong direction.
  6. We're all allowed to be human – No one on our team has to apologize for what makes them unique, but no one gets to make excuses for unacceptable behavior. (you are allowed to be weird; but you are not allowed to act like an jerk)

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  • Location
    Okotoks, Alberta
  • Department
  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience
  • Compensation
    $ 19 - $21 hourly